There are a few trademarks of Kamus productions. As life plays out between the frames, natural light is one key, as is giving his object the full space needed to capture its deepest forms. The final frames result in a blend of power, trustfulness, peace, and a recognizable elegance.

Currently based in Helsinki, Finland and Malaga, Spain, Kaapo Kamu has lived between Wien, Berlin, Paris, New York and Los Angeles, which have all influenced his work. Aligning successful campaigns one after another since he started in 1998 have made him today one of the most appreciated photographers in Finland, especially within the fashion and portrait photography.

As the son of two artists, Kamu was raised in a creative environment which has given him a foundational understanding of art, music and creativity.

Having pursued an artistic high school, he made it into Lahti’s Design Institute with the dream of becoming a professional photographer. Today he’s made his mark on the artistic world as a photographer and film director, and has become a lecturer in some of the world’s best design schools including Aalto University and Helsinki Design School.

Today Kamu and his team provides full service productions around the globe, ranging from small one-off shoots, to cementing entire visual strategies for global brands. Each project is tailored to its own individual needs with the goal of true satisfaction of our clients.


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